November 3

No news on the house. While Daphne & Jennie recuperate from their colds, I have been away on a business trip (training). Luckily, I dodged the illness somehow. But, I missed my little angels terribly.

My car decided to need several thousand dollars worth of repairs in its tag renewal month. It must pass inspection here in middle Tennessee or else I cannot drive it. How I miss the days of growing up in east Tennessee with no car inspections! You could easily drive a duct taped, piece of junk car and no one would care or be the wiser. Oh well, I cannot complain.

Here are some witty photos of Daphne in rare form:

All hail, Princess Cool Whip

Ye olde towne crier, Daphne-doodle

Stairs are easy!

Eating a snack...

Help me with the puzzle, Daddy

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Jennie said...

Princess Cool Whip & I miss you, too!