April 16


Our old house now has a large white sign in the front yard which reads, "SOLD". What a terrific relief! We have 13 days to go until closing. It has not even hit me yet that we only have a few days remaining under this roof...

In other news, we made an offer on a brand new house yesterday. And the offer was accepted by the builder! The house is absolutely gorgeous --- a modest 3,277 square foot castle featuring 4 bedrooms, a bonus room, 3 1/2 baths, and a 3 car garage. I will most definitely post photos soon. We are supposed to visit the new house tomorrow to pick out a color for the tile back-splash in the kitchen. The builder said the house should be finished sometime in mid-to-late May. Our closing date has been set for May 27th.

Moving, moving, moving.

Today Jennie and I had a VERY busy day. We signed a 3-month lease on an apartment a few miles away from our new house and ran many errands. Coordinating our old utilities to be shut off by April 29th, getting the apartment utilities turned on by next Tuesday, and completing the new home loan is exhausting (all done while we are having to pack and move). Luckily, we will have 4 1/2 weeks after we close on our new house to get everything moved in and situated from our apartment and storage.


Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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