April 5

Daphne had an eventful Easter holiday weekend! On Saturday, Jennie and I took her to the Nashville Zoo for their egg hunt and festivities. Afterward, we visited a local park to let Daphne ride the slides, swing, and burn off some excess energy. She absolutely loves going to the park!

Jennie's parents graciously took Daphne to the park on Sunday afternoon (while Jennie and I began packing our computer room for our upcoming move). Daphne braved the slides once again and worked up quite an appetite. Mimi & PopPop rewarded our little 27 1/2 pound princess with a trip to Krystal for a hot dog and some bites of burger.

Last week, the buyer's realtor and a home inspector spent three hours analyzing our house. We should find our the results early this week. Barring any setbacks, I believe we are still on schedule to close this house on April 29th.

Some of Daphne's latest quotes are:

"look at your daughter, Daddy", "my so cute!", and "Daddy, how was work?"

Daphne is becoming a regular pro at using the potty seat. Anchored firmly in front of the television or with several books by her side, Daphne seems to really enjoy passing time on her throne while passing a poo or making a dainty sprinkle. We make a big fuss (praising her and littering her with kisses) whenever she produces a present.

Here are some new photos from this weekend:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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