June 13

Hmmm... what's new? We are 3 weeks and a few days into our new house. Our refrigerator *should* arrive later this week. Oh yeah, and so will the living room couch. It's funny to see a big empty room with a lone ottoman in the center. Our living room TV was mounted to the wall above the fireplace on Friday. Guardian Systems did a fabulous job! (shameless plug)

A week ago, DirecTV was installed and I am very pleased with the service. On Thursday, we met with a professional landscaper to help our house become as neatly manicured as our neighbors.

Once we get our master bedroom furnished, we may begin having family visit overnight. We are currently living in the upstairs guestroom. It's not so bad -- we are closer to Daphne as she adjusts to her new surroundings.

Daphne constantly points and asks, "what does this say?" or "help me read this, Daddy". She loves to identify items by shape and texture. In fact, she says things like, "I see a fish in the fluffy clouds", "There's another octagon stop sign", or "ahh, look! A round basketball basket".

I will post some new photos of her in the coming days...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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