June 4

As promised earlier, I found some new photos of Daphne to post. My little angel spent the day with Mimi & PopPop (Jennie's parents) while Jennie ran some errands and finished cleaning our old apartment. After work, I spackled a small sheet-rock hole in the apartment's foyer entryway which occurred during our move a few weeks ago. Jennie vacuumed and dusted until she was sore and riddled with aches. The apartment is now immaculate and our security deposit should be fully refunded...

We have a busy weekend upcoming! Tomorrow, I have hired two movers to finish the job I started. They are going to carry two armoires and a leather sofa bed up to our bonus room. A buddy of mine and I simply could not lift those heavy pieces of furniture with confidence (after moving all of the other junk). In retrospect, I would have been better off paying movers to bring everything from the apartment to our new home (like I did from the old house to the apartment). Oh well, we learn from our experiences, I suppose!

On Monday, we have a yard guy coming to evaluate our soil and prepare us for possible irrigation and landscaping options. Also, a professional audio/video installer is visiting to mount one of our TVs to the wall above our fireplace. I am requesting that he cuts into the drywall to create an embedded "cubby" to hold our satellite receiver. Oh yeah, the DirecTV satellite guy is installing our new dish on Sunday. Once our refrigerator arrives (it shipped today), we will be in great shape!

Here are the photos:

Until later,
Dave T.

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