June 17

Four weeks ago today we closed on our new house...

So, I ask you this one question. Is it acceptable for a builder to still have a temporary power pole in your yard a month after you move in? We think not. But our feeble attempts to get the builder to claim his property are in vain. Oh well, trying to get a builder to do anything after you close is never easy, I suppose.

On a brighter note, our living room couch is being delivered today! And our new refrigerator arrives tomorrow! Yippee! We will no longer have to go out to the garage to get a soda pop or a slice of turkey. The old refrigerator in the garage will slowly become a "beer fridge" until it dies.

Daphne is very excited to see her Grandpa & Nanny this weekend (my Dad will be in town to visit). We will celebrate Father's Day together.

New photos coming soon.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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