November 10

Daphne loves playing with soda pop!

Well, I made it to 36! Another year older and wiser, I suppose. Little Daphne's smiling face is the best birthday gift ever. She is only 3 1/2 months removed from her very first birthday party. I cannot wait to see her dive into the mounds of chocolate icing head first (like I did 35 years ago).

Here is the type of cake I hope to NEVER see: (hehehe)

Have a great day!
Dave T.

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Mom said...

Everyday is a blessing, so I'm told. These golden years sure aren't so golden, I'm here to tell you. I sure do need to see my Daphne. A package just got mailed today. Sorry so late. Hope you had a great b-day!!! Love you all. Mom and grandma.
Love the bath and deck!!!