November 18

Brrrr... it has been too cold here in middle Tennessee! With temperatures dipping down to the high 30s overnight, I cannot fathom being outdoors for more than a few minutes at a time. Unfortunately, our deck is still under construction. I imagine it should be finished this week though.

701 years ago on this day, the legendary marksman William Tell shot an apple from his son's head with a single arrow using his crossbow. If I were his son, I would run away from home after those shenanigans! hehehe I can hear it now, "Hey son, sit still for a sec, I want to shoot some fruit from your noggin!" Yowza! I would take my chances elsewhere...

Last night Jennie and I attended a Nashville Predators game while her parents watched Daphne. The game was a bit one-sided, i.e. Nashville never really had a chance. Oh well, it was entertaining and we missed Daphne the whole time. Here are some new photos of our Sweet Pea:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Grammy said...

good Pictures, who's the photographr? Mama or DaDa