November 12

MINOR MILESTONE ALERT: Daphne clapped her hands yesterday for the first time. Also, she has almost mastered waving bye bye.

Happy birthday to my nephew and fellow Scorpio, Josh! I hope you got lots of birthday goodies and a huge cake!

Our deck is approximately 93% completed. Rainy weather coupled with family illnesses have slowed down our contractors' progress. Perhaps a new deck could be thrown together in a hurried day or two, but I prefer the "perfectionist" approach taken by these guys (even if it takes four to five weeks). Luckily, I am not paying them by the hour -- hehehe. I believe we will be more than pleased with the final outcome.

Today, Jennie, Daphne, and I journeyed to the local Red Robin restaurant for my free birthday burger. If you have not tried a Red Robin burger, they are incredible and worth every penny!

Well, I need to run for now, but check out the YouTube videos below at your leisure...

LINK OF THE DAY: Passive Aggressive Notes -- painfully polite and hilariously hostile writings from shared spaces the world over

Here are some new videos of Daphne recorded today:

Daphne with her toy paint roller

Daphne eating bread, fussing, laughing, and clapping

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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mom said...

These were great. Maybe only a grandmother gets such a kick out of watching her grandaughter eat bread for 6 min.'s, but I loved it.