November 5

Daphne's crawling speed has greatly increased and she can now cruise along the coffee table with one hand. Her vocabulary is now up to four words: mama, dada, bah-bah, and plftbtfbuh (raspberry noise with tongue between lips).

Daphne loves koozies

My employer is on the verge of signing a 3-year lease on a building near the Smyrna airport only minutes away from my house. If all goes well, we hope to move into the new space either December 1 or January 1. I suppose I will continue to work 10 hour shifts (with every Wednesday off).

Our new deck still needs handrails, but noticeable progress is made each day.

We have steps...

LINK OF THE DAY: Cake Wrecks

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


Scott, Meredith & Audrey said...

Where's the new building? Jenn Bresson told me they were looking to move!

Dave said...

The building is in Smyrna near the airport (industrial area). It was built in 2007, but still smells new and is immaculate (4000+ square feet) with huge cubicles.