July 1

Happy Canada Day!

Since today was our last full day vacationing in Gulf Shores, we decided to brave the heat and visit the local zoo. Daphne loves pointing at the wild animals and speaking to them in her very own gibberish language. Sometimes she simply calls an unfamiliar animal, "woof woof" or "ball". Go figure.

Toting Daphne on the side of my hip, we strolled upon a cage housing several Bengal Tigers. One of the intimidating beasts entered a tub of water near us with a slow, nonchalant demeanor. Before I could process Jennie's "watch out" warning, I felt the warm trickle of tiger pee stream over my face and chest. Great! I'm holding my baby daughter and I have just been sprayed with feline urine. How about those apples?

I suppose it could be worse, right? Monkeys might have flung some poo or a billy goat could have bitten me instead. Watching Daphne's expressions at the zoo is priceless. But, I must say that tiger urea leaves a lingering musky stench.

Here are some photos from our zoo adventure:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Lizz said...

I have to say that I think you are the only person I know of to be attacked by tiger pee! LOL I can't imagine being able to get close enough to the tigers for that to happen! They don't let us get that close to man-eating beasts in the Memphis Zoo. Bless your heart though!