July 13

You probably noticed that I finally replaced the banner graphics of Daphne in the header and footer. Can you believe the outdated header photo was taken when Daphne was 6 months old (almost a year ago)? Phew! I pray the new "look and feel" is easy on the eyes. I particularly love the new footer photo with Daphne's gaping smile (at the far bottom left of this page).

Other TT site modifications: I removed the Sudoku gadget from the bottom of the page and replaced it with a popular Twitter gadget for all you Tweeps out there.

Daphne can now open all of the upper kitchen drawers. It is not uncommon to see her parading around the house like a band conductor with spaghetti tongs and various plastic ladles. Daphne can fully grip all of our door knobs, but luckily, she does not know how to twist open the door knobs (yet). Keeping her off of the top of the dinner table is definitely a chore as well.

While soaping up all of Daphne's 2000 parts last night in the bath tub, she sang a new word, "shazbot". I looked at her curiously and wondered, "isn't she much too young to know about Mork & Mindy"? A few minutes later, Daphne bowed her head and gave me a fervent death stare. In her most solemn tone, she stated, "bonk da-da". As I lowered my forehead and tapped hers gently, she giggled and bonked my head a few more times with great force. Ouch, that hurt! I do not enjoy bonking foreheads like my little warrior princess. She is one tough cookie! hehehe

I have high hopes and aspirations for baby Daphne. Will she be a doctor, lawyer, or Indian chief? As long as she is happy and healthy, I will be satisfied (even if she decides not to pursue computer programming like her Daddy). But, I insist on her becoming a numismatist (a hobby dominated by wrinkly old men).

New photos later this week...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Lizz said...

I love the new look! She gets cuter every day! Hope you all are well!