July 19

Over the weekend, I placed a bird feeder outside of Daphne's bedroom window for her to enjoy. She cannot pronounce the word "squirrel" yet, but she gets so excited watching all of the colorful little birdies... (unfortunately, squirrels and bunnies appear more often than the birds).

On Saturday, Jennie visited a friend's house while Daphne and I stayed at home. We had a great time watching Yo Gabba Gabba and Sesame Street following breakfast. After her morning nap, Daphne danced (or you might say she "hopped around like a chicken") to a nursery rhyme CD on her Hello Kitty boom box. Later, we played with her wooden puzzles and blocks, squeezed her stuffed animals and dolls, and tried a little "hide and seek" in the living room. Overall, we had a great time notwithstanding the three poo-poo diapers she decided to produce for me as a treat. The first two were somewhat manageable, but the third reminded me of an eruption from Mt.Vesuvius; I'm so proud of my baby poop machine! Her bowels work magically.

For the first time, Daphne fell asleep in her highchair after eating a large meal. Below are some new photos of my sleeping beauty:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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