July 16

What can I say about Daphne? She is a handful of mischief! Her poor little noggin is constantly bopping against a coffee table or chair, but her bruises do heal quickly. I suppose it is the nature of a toddler to be riddled with contusions.

Although Daphne still watches the occasional episode of Sesame Street in the morning, she has a new favorite TV show. Yo Gabba Gabba on Noggin (Nickelodeon's secondary channel) really seems to capture Daphne's attention. I don't know all of the characters' names yet, but the Teletubbie-esque creatures sing and dance along with a tall, skinny spandex-wearing person of color toting a boom box. That's about all I know... have you seen this show? I really need to videotape Daphne dancing -- it is priceless!

Here are some random photos of Daphne (sorry for a few of them being slightly blurry):

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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