January 12

I guess my New Year's resolution to blog more will not be coming true! hehe

Oh well, I will keep the new photos coming nevertheless...

Over the weekend, Jennie's parents graciously volunteered to babysit Daphne one afternoon. So, Jennie & I had a date to the movie theater to see "Sherlock Holmes". What a great movie! Unfortunately, I can count the number of times in the last decade I have been out to a movie on one hand. Don't get me wrong, I adore the greasy popcorn in the over-sized tub and the sticky muck of the aisle ways as much as the next guy. But, chores and grown up stuff usually seems to supersede a casual trip to the theater.

Daphne insists on three things daily: blueberries, a bath, and sherbet! While we carefully try to give her a balanced diet of meat & veggies, she loves a large spoonful of rainbow sherbet before a warm bath.

When Daphne sneezes, she blesses herself. "Bess you", she exclaims. She even thanks herself and delivers a "your welcome" while she pretends to cook. What a ham!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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