January 15

MAJOR MILESTONE: Daphne can now say her name! As I reported on Facebook, she calls herself, "muff-knee". Not bad, eh?

Since our house has not had any movement whatsoever in weeks, we have decided to neutralize the wall colors of our living room with fresh paint. I personally believe we are grasping at straws and will do anything to sell it.

While Jennie waited on the Home Depot paint guy to finish mixing our paint, Daphne and I imitated penguins and plodded up the paint aisle side-to-side last night. Wouldn't you know, Daphne led me straight to the "potty" department. She anxiously flushed each toilet even though there was no water in the bowl. "Swoosh", I chortled as I simulated a toilet flushing. Daphne wanted to get in and dance inside several of the bath tubs, too.

Next, we strolled over to the kitchen appliances. Daphne had to open each and every refrigerator door. "Fridge-um", she cried. Then, the dials on the gas ranges were fully turned by her little fingers. She said, "Daddy, beep beep beep. Food ready."

Finally, we returned to the front of the store to find Mommy. Daphne carefully pointed out numerous items of interest (some of which she did not know, but she gave them a gibberish name). Daphne impressed a Home Depot employee as she pointed to a warning sign and read, "S, T, O, P. Stop". I was so proud!

I have a bunch of new photos to filter through this evening. Check back for some new pics!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Lizz said...

You have an early reader on your hands!!! Yay! Keep that going and she will excel in school at an astonishing rate. Aiden, who is in the sixth grade and not yet 12, reads at the senior in college level. Granted he is often bored in our little rural schools, but it is easy enough to find ways to enrich his environment at home. Kudos to Miss "Muff-Knee" and to her mommy and daddy for the huge academic leaps! Have a great weekend!