January 24

Daphne strives to be self sufficient and independent in everything she does. I suppose her behavior is typical for a two year old. "No, I do it!", "My get it", "On me, on me", and "My turn" are several phrases heard often in our household. Lately, the only way to get Daphne to eat is to let her feed herself. Swiping the spoon from my grasp, "I hold it, Daddy", says Daphne. We insist that Daphne uses proper etiquette (thanking, excusing, and welcoming folks) in social situations and so far, so good.

Quote of the Day: "Muffy make poopy gas!" ~ Daphne, speaking of herself in the third person, during her bath tonight.

Washing the rubber ducky...

All done!

It's potty time!

I've worked up an appetite!

Daphne the Bag Lady

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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