January 21

Daphne decided she wanted to visit Mimi's house (maternal grandma) last night after supper. So, she darted to her room and retrieved her "purse" (a small, hand-me-down pocket change keeper with a zipper). Reaching for the front door without wearing a coat or shoes, Daphne dismissed me with a "bye bye, Daddy. Going to Mimi's house. Walk walk." I asked her what time she would be home and how she planned on getting there. Needless to say, we were once again playing with her toys and reading books just a few minutes later.

Yesterday, Jennie left Daphne alone for 2 - 3 minutes tops while working on house chores. Hmmm, Daphne is being awfully quiet thought Jennie. Lo and behold, Daphne had managed to get herself into our master bathroom's garden tub and was "bathing" her rubber duckies with Mommy's numerous lotions and carefully brushing them with a foot file. I'll post those photos tonight.

More stories coming soon...
Dave T.

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It's nice to know I'm loved..