August 20

Last night was difficult for Jennie. It was the first time that she has ever been apart from Daphne overnight. (Daphne spent the night with Mimi & PopPop).

Here's how our morning began:

4:50am - Alarm clock buzzes and I droopily walk to the shower. I wake up Jennie and get the car loaded.

5:45am - We arrived at the surgery center on time. Paperwork and waiting.

7:37am - Jennie is called to the back by a nurse. I wait patiently for a few minutes and get called back to join Jennie.

8:05am - the doctor meets with us (pre-op) and explains what is about to occur.

8:16am - Jennie is carted away and I return to the waiting room.

9:04am - Surgery successful! The doctor consults with me and explains our next steps. He gave me a color printout of Jennie's polyp. What a great item to leave on the coffee table for your guests!

9:17am - waiting for Jennie to wake from the anesthesia.

NOTE: The doctor said we should be home by noon.

9:50am - Jennie is groggy, but is starting to wake up.

10:45am - Discharged from the hospital!

11:30am - Prescriptions filled; OCharley's curbside to-go for a starving Jennie.

1:03pm - Nap time! I'll write more later...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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