August 22

Jennie and I celebrate our lucky 13th year of marriage tomorrow. Mimi & PopPop are watching Daphne while we go out on the town. I scored some free tickets to see the Titans in a luxury suite. Yeehaw!

Today I knocked out a ton of chores around the house. I did some touch up painting, fixed a broken armoire, vacuumed the dining room, and unpacked a few more boxes (only a few remain). Jennie & Daphne went on a play date with a friend and her kids.

Daphne and I took a bath today in Mommy's incredibly large garden tub. She flopped around like a fish while I soaped up her 2000 parts and washed her hair. She made sure to point out that my tootie was different from hers. I continually tell her that Daddy is a boy and she is a girl. "Daddy, when will I grow a penis?" I told her that she is a princess and does not need one. "But, Daddy, I NEED a penis like you." I insisted that her tootie was all she would ever need. "I bet Mommy & Mimi have lots of penis." I laughed and said, "yes, they do." I sang some nursery rhymes with Daphne to change the subject...

Here are a few photos of Daphne:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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