August 27

Daphne loves to count everything. In fact, one of her favorite sayings these days is, "Daddy, let's count 'em" (speaking of any random item or collection of items).

Singing the ABC song is another of Daphne's favorite activities. Sometimes she forgets M and substitutes O in the place of U, but otherwise she's right on the money. She usually aces the challenging, "L-M-N-O-P" where she used to always say, "Elmo Pee".

Whether she's imitating a penguin sliding on ice or performing a chicken dance around the room, Daphne is always full of surprises. You can never guess what's about to come out of her mouth. "My go nuts, my go nuts, my go nuts!" she proudly exclaims as she runs in circles around the couch in the living room.

Jennie, Mimi, PopPop, and Daphne met for lunch at Captain D's on Wednesday. They serve Daphne's favorite food group: Mac 'n Cheese. While finishing up their meal in the dining room, the cashier walked by and said, "I have a 2 year old at home."

Daphne asked, "what's her name?"

The cashier replied, "I have a boy. His name is Cameron."

Mimi prompted Daphne, "Are you a girl or a boy?"

"My a girl, " asserted Daphne in a serious tone. Everyone smiled.

With a straight face and absolute certainty, Daphne said, "My have a penis." Unfortunately, everyone laughed. "My also eat my boogies."

We are so proud of our little gender confused, boogie eater!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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