May 24 - Day 14 of IVF

Jennie's FedEx package arrived yesterday afternoon chock full of syringes. It is rather intimidating to stare into a box full of needles, I must say. The IVP Care drug company admitted fault for not shipping the complete order initially. Oh well, only a couple more days until Jennie begins "shooting up".

While last night was an amazing night of television (the LOST season 3 finale and the American Idol finale were great), I am still a little numb from the pending sale announcement of the Nashville Predators to Canadian businessman, Jim Balsillie (co-CEO of RIM, makers of Blackberry mobile devices). This is the same man that made no secrets of trying to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins last year with intentions to move them to Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario or Hamilton, Ontario. I can't say that I'm totally shocked really. Nashville is an enigma --- I won't bore you with my ramblings and rantings, but I am extremely disappointed in the corporate community in Tennessee (i.e., lack of corporate support for anything not football, NASCAR, and horse racing has caused Leipold to lose money and prompted him to sell). This is more than a black eye for the state of Tennessee...

Mother blames Satan for burning baby in microwave
Wow! Some people don't deserve to have children. It is an abused privilege.... :)

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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