May 28 - Day 18 of IVF

Happy Memorial Day! Jennie & I are feverishly rushing around the kitchen preparing some last minute dishes for a cookout today in Murfreesboro. Our good friends (Mike & Tori) are hosting a Memorial Day & Stanley Cup final viewing party today. Go Ottawa Senators!! :)

Jennie woke up this morning promptly at 6:30am, unwrapped a fresh syringe, and gave herself a Lupron injection. I'm a little curious how many days will pass before Jennie begins displaying all of the menopausal side effects. From what I understand, all of her medicine right now is basically suppressing her female stuff (Desogen & Lupron) to prevent any type of ovarian activity until after June 7th (Suppression Check). Then, she will take a 180 degree turn with hyperstimulation (Bravelle FSH injections, HCG, progesterone in oil, etc)...

I need to run for now, so I can finish frosting a "Davey surprise" lemonade party cake. Check out the recipe below in the LINK OF THE DAY.

LINK OF THE DAY: Betty Crocker Lemonade Party Cake (TERRIFIC RECIPE ALERT)

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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