May 31 - Day 21 of IVF

A gentle drizzle of rain fell on my car while I drove to work this morning. Lord knows my yard will be thrilled today as it is mostly brown and crunchy already --- and it is not even June yet! I know, I know, there is a cool invention called the water hose that helps prevent a yard from becoming too dry, but that actually requires me going outside and turning it on after a hard day at work. :)

Last night, Jennie was excited to receive her free XM radio from the UPS man. One of the many perks of this IVF process is all of the "rewards points" we are accumulating from our financing. We cashed in a few of these magical points to help Jennie with her hour long commute to Bellevue a few times per week. I have had XM for nearly a year now and absolutely love it! I cannot say enough good things about the programming content and clarity...

Only a week until Jennie's doctor visit. I believe she has a week left until she must cease exercising (other than light yoga & walking).


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