May 26 - Day 16 of IVF

So much happened yesterday, I don't know where to begin...

The IVF financial manager successfully collected all of our lab, surgery, and doctor fees yesterday morning. Now we are fully paid up to date (except for the 5 to 6 Ultrasound office visits remaining). So, you could say we are fully committed to some "baby-makin'". I am entirely optimistic that we will have twins or triplets... :)

Last night we had dinner with Jennie's folks at Red Lobster (we used the Christmas gift card from Aunt Val). Thanks Val! It was very delicious! After dinner, we went to the local Putt Putt mini-golf for a fun night of carpet golf...

Oh well, I'm not sure what we have planned today, but tomorrow is the big day! First day of Lupron subcutaneous shots (this will last for 14 days).


Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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