May 27 - Day 17 of IVF

It's a good thing we set the alarm clock as we would have overslept for Jennie's first injection. Last night, we dismantled the crown molding on an old armoire. Trying to move it into the future "baby room" proved to be a tight fit. Hopefully our neighbors didn't hear our 10:30 pm "Trading Spaces"-like adventure. As Jennie has only a week or so left before she begins a 10-pound lifting restriction, I need to get all the hard "labor" out of her while I can.

This morning I woke up to Jennie unwrapping a fresh syringe. I waited for Maggie to hop up on the bed expecting food (from the sound of all the unwrapping).

Ouch! That's the only thought that crossed my mind as Jennie plunged the needle into her gut. She did it so quickly that I wondered if she had done this before. :)

LINK OF THE DAY:Trading Spaces website

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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