September 24

Daphne has a doctor appointment tomorrow morning to verify her weight. For the past three weeks, she has not gained any weight and we are a little concerned. Daphne's eating habits appear normal and she seems to have a healthy appetite, but she remains a petite, little princess. (7 months old and only 15 pounds on the scales)

Today I spent several hours working on my guest bathroom tiling project. Numerous Hardi-Backer boards were cut and sized to be placed on the sub-floor. Once I have applied a shallow layer of thinset mortar to the sub-floor, I will arrange the cementitious boards one by one and screw them down using Hardi-Screws. So, I should be laying tile no later than Saturday afternoon and reassembling the new closet flange by Sunday. If all goes well, I hope to be finished with the final tile cuts and quarter-round trim a week from today!

Jennie and her mother took Daphne for a nice stroll around a local park today. When they came home, Daphne was fast asleep in her carseat (see photo below).


I'm Cornholio...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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