September 6

Milestone alert: This morning I lowered Daphne's crib from the highest setting to the middle one. At the highest level, she can reach the hanging toys on the mobile with the tippy-tips of her fingers.

Daphne has a humorous way of almost sitting up in her crib; it almost appears like she's preparing to breakdance. When Daphne begins her routine, she quickly topples over on her back and brings her feet up to her mouth.

Keeping socks on Daphne is a chore! She loves sucking on her tiny little piggies so much that she removes her socks whenever we turn around.

Other than mumbling for an hour at a time (testing out her newly found voice), she thoroughly enjoys staring at herself in the mirror. Daphne continually kicks with excitement and smiles at her reflection (it never gets old to her).

On all fours, ready to crawl

Who's that baby in the mirror?

Preparing to breakdance!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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