September 3

I fed Daphne baby food carrots for the first time today. So far, she loves all of the veggies (sweet potatoes, peas, carrots)! I really enjoy having Wednesdays off from work to spend the day with my little pooh bear (and Jennie, too).

While Daphne's summer cold has not affected her mood (she's still full of smiles and hugs), her inability to breathe (nostrils constantly clogged up) has completely messed up her nap schedule. My little daffodil sneezed carrots all over me today during her feeding. And then, she voices her displeasure as I wipe her runny nose. Poor thing, I really want her to get well soon.

My younger sister, Daina, is giving birth to my niece, Kylie, today. She was admitted to the hospital late last night and I will be an uncle any time now...

Daphne, the sleeping turtle

Dave, Jennie, and Daphne strolling before the Tropical Storm Fay unleashes her wrath...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


Jennie said...

I love that photo with Daphne's little feet sticking out.

Jennie said...

Daphne had her first bite of pears in her new highchair that Grammy & Grampy bought for us. She likes pears...a lot!