March 11

Daphne has a new trick! She loves prancing around the house with tiny plastic containers and their accompanying lids (see the last photo below). Each time Daphne removes a lid and replaces it, her eyes glow with excitement. It's quite funny how the repetitive routine never gets old.

I give up. I surrender. Sadly, I am waving a white flag of ignorance. I have no idea what to report regarding my current employment. While I will continue to report the facts as events occur, I cannot accurately make any future predictions.

The only certainty: my current employer's Nashville facility is permanently closed down on April 17th. So, here's to me biting my tongue and closing my trap! hehehe

On a brighter note, enjoy these photos I took of Daphne tonight:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you could report that we're in purgatory? Or maybe even hell, hoping for an elevator that's going up?