March 7

Daphne had a precautionary EKG on Wednesday. The results came back Friday morning and her little heart is normal.

During her physical on Tuesday, Daphne's doctor discovered a slight heart murmur. To rule out a possible birth defect, he ordered an EKG. No worries; Daphne is going to be fine...

Today we took Daphne to a local park for some exercise. She absolutely loves the baby swing and going down the slide (with Mommy & Daddy's help, of course).

Here are some photos from today:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Lizz said...

Thank goodness she is ok!! I can only imagine how scary the time in between the "She needs an EKG" and "Everything is fine" must have been! Unless she becomes a dare devil, now that she is on her way to 2, things ought to get much easier! All the best to you three!