March 18

Springtime weather seems to be finally upon us. Today was sunny and 75 degrees in the heart of middle Tennessee. While home for lunch, I watched Daphne play on our deck and wave to the birds, squirrels, and trees.

I hope to provide some great news about my job search early next week...

Here are some photos of our little sleeping beauty:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


mom/grandma said...

Is that the lamb I gave her? That is so cute. She just tucks every thing under her. Dave I need a 5X7 for the entry way. I cant't print one clear enough from the internet. the ones I took didn't turn out so well. I'll send them to you. Mom

Anonymous said...

she is just a lil doll. she reminds me of u when u were a baby but u did have curly hair.