March 3

Daphne visited the doctor today for her one year physical. Here are her stats:

HEIGHT = 29 inches (47th percentile, up from 27th at 9 month visit)
WEIGHT = 18 pounds 2 ounces (8th percentile, down from 10th at 9 month visit)
HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE = 43.7 cm (14th percentile, up from 10th at 9 month visit)

Daphne is basically a skinny Minnie of average height. Developmentally, she appears to be several months advanced in her fine motor skills and upright mobility. She already understands the concept of sharing her toys or whatever is in her hand.

I honestly have no idea when I will be "released" at work, but it should be very soon. Each morning, I slide into my pants not knowing if it is my final day. Scary stuff, but it's reality and I have accepted it. Oh well, enough of my rambling. I am confident that an exciting, local business in town will require my services sooner than later; everyone needs a good code monkey on their payroll!

Some of the photos below are a little blurry as Daphne was dancing back and forth. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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