March 16

MILESTONE ALERT: Daphne can now climb onto the couch all by herself! She is constantly trying to climb on anything and everything (e.g., furniture, window sills, shoe boxes, toys).

Daphne loves strawberries. Mmmm. She's not terribly keen on her veggies these days, but she has begun to enjoy several new foods such as whole milk, grilled chicken, cheesy ditalini, and corn bread.

When I draw Daphne's bath at night, she blazes into the bathroom wearing her birthday suit and screaming happy little "aaahhhhs" (she yells louder than the running water).

I had a terrific telephone interview today with a potential employer. I will keep you posted if I receive any job offers...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Anonymous said...

i am telling u i think u stay busy enough too bad u hav to work....daphne sounds like such a little diva. proud of that, also has dad wrappen around her finger....she is such a little doll,just the cutest lil thing so dainty...