August 10

We meet with our realtor this coming Thursday to discuss listing our house for sale as soon as possible. A lot of special memories were formed beneath this roof, but the time has come for us to move on. Five or six houses fairly close in proximity to ours have gone up for sale in the last month or so. And, our adjacent neighbors appear to be readying their house for sale as well. Uh oh! I hope any potential home buyers do not see this as a red flag...

Daphne has learned several colors by name and a few letters of the alphabet. Every animal is either a duck, dog, or frog to Daphne and she still mixes up hot and cold, too. Actually, everything to her is usually "hot, hot, hot" (no matter what the temperature). Tonight she correctly said "cold" and giggled when I placed a cold glass of water against her knee.

Here are some new photos of Daphne acting crazy around the house:

Sleeping in a bizarre position...

Ready to watch some TV

Resting on the table?

My ball is gone forever! Help me, Daddy!

I'm a little monkey! Watch me climb.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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