August 26

Our house has now been on the market for a week. Unfortunately, we have not had any nibbles or bites from prospective fishies (homebuyers). Our realtor held a realtor tour at our home earlier in the week and we are not sure how many folks attended or what they thought of our residence. Anything that helps create a stir of additional interest in our home is welcome, I suppose.

Sitting in my lap, Daphne decided to split her McDonald's Apple Pie with me this afternoon. As Daphne graciously placed a pinch of pie in my mouth, the unthinkable occurred when I bit down. Oh no, I got more than a bite of pie -- Daphne's thumb was in my mouth, too! Luckily, her thumbnail was only bruised a little. I felt about two inches tall and Daphne's lungs are in great shape! She yelled and screamed for several minutes as I cradled her in my arms and showered her with kisses. No more pie for me...

Here are some recent photos of Daphne hiking, swinging, learning to sweep, and visiting her grandparents' house:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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