August 2

What a weekend! I'm so worn out from house chores that I'm anxiously looking forward to work tomorrow. Sitting behind a keyboard and creating complex medical code for eight hours is a breeze compared to spreading mulch, pulling weeds, and doing chores around the house.

As you know, we are trying to get our house looking spiffy for our realtor. She will be visiting us for the first time later this week (hopefully, she will not tell us that our house is un-sellable in this economy). Since 1997, this is the only house we have ever owned, so the thought of selling our house, packing & moving our junk, and buying another house is a little scary.

Daphne completed day number four of her swimming lessons today with an amazing feat. After jumping off the diving board, she successfully rolled over onto her back and floated wearing a placebo life vest. The first few days she was wearing a real life jacket while learning to float. But today, she accomplished the goal of day seven and she still has three more days to go! She is well on her way to become an expert swimmer!

While brushing Daphne's teeth tonight, we discovered tooth number eleven. Her newest tooth is a lower incisor located just to the left of her existing bottom incisors in the front of her mouth. Number twelve should pop through any day now!

Here are some new photos of Daphne:

Watching Sesame Street from her magic box...

The show is over; time for a snack!

Exhausted after a swimming lesson

My weekend project. 6 cubic yards of mulch!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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