August 4

Daphne completes her 7-day swimming course tomorrow. Although she has progressed very well, we sometimes wonder if her rolling over and floating success is coincidental or dumb luck. Nope, I truly believe Daphne is a smart cookie capable of learning through repetition.

Remember my excitement after spreading the six cubic yards of mulch last weekend? Well, I caught something I would never wish upon my worst enemy. Hundreds and hundreds of chigger bites on my forearms and around my knees have appeared and itch terribly.

Out of embarrassment, I have been wearing long sleeve shirts to work this week. I catch myself scratching the irritating bites until I bleed a little and then I scratch some more like a drug addict seeking a fix. I tried rubbing Listerine (antiseptic) on my arms, applying hydrocortisone cream, isopropyl alcohol, and every home remedy under the sun, but I still itch... please, make it stop!

I have been told that clear fingernail polish and turpentine work miracles, but I have not yet tried them.

Keep checking back for more photos of Daphne coming soon. Pardon my brevity, but I have a few hundred itches to scratch!

[scratch] [scratch] [scratch] Aaaahhhh!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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