August 7

MAJOR MILESTONE: During lunch today, Daphne spontaneously said the word "broccoli" while grabbing a fistful of the veggie from Mommy's plate. We have tried to teach her many different useful words, but that one was a total surprise!

Daphne occasionally gives the evil eye or death stare to strangers in public. I am not sure if this emotional expression is an extension of her mild separation anxiety. She might be full of smiles and sweet to random people in a grocery store and suddenly without warning, Daphne pierces the soul of a stranger with a hateful gaze. I cannot find a pattern or analytical reason for her odd behavior. Maybe there is no rhyme or reason and I am over thinking the issue? Go figure!

Tonight, Daphne finished up her supper with a generous helping of fresh blueberries. In the brief moment it took Jennie to rinse out a rag for wiping Daphne's food covered face, Daphne began crying and fussing more than usual. Alarmed and concerned, Jennie sprinted to Daphne's high chair to find a rather large blueberry shoved up Daphne's left nostril. Great! My daughter is now trying to eat food through her nose... Surely she was only experimenting and became frustrated when this large blue orb wedged itself inside her olfactory organ? I restrained Daphne's flailing arms while an insouciant Jennie carefully removed the sapid fruit with her pinky fingernail.

We hired a close friend of my Father-in-law to stain and seal our deck. So far, he has done a terrific job and seems to really pay great attention to detail. He is probably one third of the way finished with the project.

More photos of Daphne coming soon!

LINK OF THE DAY: Common errors in the English language...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Lizz said...

LOL I just want to say to you and Jennie that I am praying for you both! Daphne sounds so much like my little sister when she was a little one! Suffice it to say, Aiden was such a good baby and toddler (like me)that I was so afraid a second child would be like my little sister that I never had another one! She and my parents survived her childhood though, so there is hope for you all! Good luck in the many future adventures Daphne will take you through!