October 12

Happy Columbus Day! 516 years ago on this day, Columbus arrived in the Americas.

Daphne has a new trick. She pulls herself up to a wobbly, standing position, giggles in wide-eyed amazement, and falls to her tush. Next, she flaps her arms up and down, opens her mouth to a wide smile, and bounces on her behind while looking for approval. Finally, she targets another object and begins her trick again...

I finished all 29 tile cuts today. Yeah! On my first pass, 24 of the 29 cuts fit perfectly (within 1/32nd of an inch). I measured again and re-cut the final 5 tiles. All in all, six hours were consumed today measuring and using the tile saw. It's all a piece of cake from here on out (adding the closet flange, applying grout, replacing the trim, and reattaching the toilet).

Here are some photos (keep in mind I have not yet attached the freshly cut tiles to the floor with thinset mortar):

It is starting to resemble a floor again!

The toilet will be flushing soon...

Soon, I will choose a wooden transition to screw down between the tile and carpet.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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