October 20

Each night, Daphne practices walking around the living room while holding onto my hands. I believe her record is 35 steps before falling to her bottom. She will be running around the house before I can blink...

Today began the deconstruction of my 10 year old deck. Don (an ex-coworker of mine) and Buck (his buddy) are doing a great job. They have sorted all the new boards and should begin the new framework tomorrow. Jennie and I are excited about the new deck -- it will be bigger, stronger, and assembled better than the original.

I am hoping to be finished with our guest bathroom floor this Wednesday (my next day off from work). All I have to do is grout, replace the trim, and re-seat the toilet. All in a day's work!

Here are some new photos for your enjoyment:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Lizz said...

She is so cute!