October 13

The Predators posted a victory tonight against the Chicago Black Hawks in a shootout, 3 to 2. Unfortunately, team captain Jason Arnott and defenseman Kevin Klein left the game with undisclosed injuries. The injury bug shows no mercy...

A former co-worker of mine (perfectionist) and his contractor buddy (creative, experienced) will be rebuilding our deck beginning next week. I received the estimate a few weeks ago and added myself to his busy queue. Some of the highlights include: a custom-made, wooden baby gate at the top of the stairs, twin staircase landings, extra supports, and all boards will be screwed together (not nailed). Jennie and I have always felt our existing deck was poorly constructed and thrown together quickly by a bunch of inexperienced buffoons. This splurge will make us appreciate the house for years to come.

Later this week, a plumber (friend of my father-in-law) will attempt to troubleshoot our decreasing water pressure. Over the past 10 years or so, our water pressure has ever so slightly diminished. I tried flushing our water heater last weekend, but it was not the culprit. Hopefully, the issue can be resolved without digging up our yard between the water main and the water pipe entry under our house.

As promised, here are some photos from our Fall Creek Falls camping trip a week ago:

Ella holding a sleepy Daphne

Let's go for a hike!

Enjoying the evening campfire

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Anonymous said...


Have you asked your neighbors if their water pressure is "down" too? You may be fighting a neighborhood problem with a one-house solution.

Any "wet spots" in the lawn?

Another former co-worker (boss)