October 3

Chilly weather is here again! Morning temperatures have been dipping down to the low 40's all week, but our afternoons are still reasonably pleasant in the high 70's.

Unfortunately, this diverse swing in temperature wreaks havoc on Daphne's bedroom (morning shade, afternoon sun, and poorly insulated / ventilated by the builder). While the rest of the house is a comfortable 72 degrees, her bedroom measures five or more degrees cooler. The opposite occurs each afternoon as well (the rest of our house simmers at 75 degrees and Daphne's bedroom is a toasty 80 degrees).

As I left for work this morning, Daphne was sitting up (Indian-style with legs crossed) in her crib and talking to herself in her little mirror. She was saying nothing more than gibberish, but it is still cute to watch. She gets so excited and flaps her arms up and down like a pteradactyl...

Jennie, Daphne, and I plan on visiting Fall Creek Falls this weekend for some outdoor activity, seeing friends, and eating S'mores around a campfire. I will take lots of pictures!

Involved in a massive project at work, I have been traveling (lightly) the last couple of weeks. When it settles down, my blogging should resume at a normal pace.

LINK OF THE DAY: A really cool timepiece...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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