October 15

Great news! Our water pressure issue was resolved yesterday by a local plumber friend of my father-in-law. Now, the water explodes out of the spigots with tremendous force and taking a shower no longer takes forever to rinse off the soapy suds. Apparently, our water pressure valve at the street had been turned down. While I know how to turn the water on and off out at the meter, I'm not sure how to adjust the water valve to increase the pressure. It has a flat head screw on top (which I previously tried turning both directions), but Jennie said the plumber used a ratchet and another tool for his task.

I have finished setting all of the cut tiles in my guest bathroom and I also installed the new closet flange. Once I grout the floor, replace the quarter round trim, and re-seat the toilet, I will be completely finished!

Today, Jennie and I exercised our civic duty by early voting at our town's civic auditorium.

Here are some new photos of Daphne and our guest bathroom progress:

Daphne loves her Daddy

Just a swingin'...

The new poop chute has been secured.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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