October 27

Jennie and I woke up Saturday morning to the cooing (and gibberish talking) of Daphne over the baby monitor. As we carefully peeked into her room, Daphne was staring into her mirror and having a fun-filled conversation with herself. She was having a great time telling the reflection in the mirror all about her latest adventures!

Jennie's parents babysat Daphne at our house on Saturday night. We attended our second Nashville Predators game of the season and were barely treated with a victory. While we were away, Daphne was pulling up on furniture and used her Bumbo seat to perfect and practice her stance.

Then, Sunday morning started out with a loud crash and bang! Daphne finally pulled down her mobile... we knew it would be any day now. Luckily, she was not hurt and the mobile did not get damaged. Sitting up in her crib, we caught Daphne chewing on the mobile's stuffed animals as we entered her room.

Jennie sealed the grout twice in our guest bathroom yesterday. I should be ready to finish up the baseboards and re-install our toilet no later than this Wednesday.

Have a great Monday!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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