December 18

Evening Update: 7:53pm CST
Daphne wanted to show off her new pajamas!
Enjoy the new photos...

As we inch closer to Christmas day, Daphne has conquered another major milestone. Early yesterday morning, she took her first couple of steps toward Mommy without holding onto anything. Jennie said that Daphne still appears wobbly and unsure of herself, but the confidence will continue to build until she is running all over the house. Later in the day, Daphne took another step or two while visiting Grammy.

Last weekend, Daphne discovered how fun it is to pull on toilet paper and watch it quickly unravel from the roll... oh brother!

Just one more week until Christmas!

I will post some new photos soon...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


Lizz said...

Oh my goodness! She gets more adorable everyday! Love the PJS! Have a great Christmas! Daphne is just the right age to be so much fun this year.

mom said...

I love the little glance over the shoulder. It is so cute! She would just get anything at all from me. How precious.