December 1

Happy Cyber Monday! Did you buy that portable electric flapjack maker? Or, maybe you splurged on a heated, wooden toilet seat with a built in wireless access point for toilet surfing? Nah, neither did I.

While Jennie and I have not yet begun our Christmas shopping, we hope to do so any day now. Yep, I know. Less than 3 weeks of shopping remain for us procrastinators.

Daphne keeps us so busy these days that we find it difficult to get consumed with the Christmas spirit. Gift giving should always be fun and not a stressful chore. But, all too often, we find ourselves not knowing what to buy for our loved one...

I suppose most of our shopping will be done on the internet again this year. So, if you receive a sharkskin mesh, titanium flyswatter from me, please know that I bought it with love!

Daphne enjoys bouncing on Grandpa's knee...

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Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


Grammy said...

Dave, I like your humor.

Anonymous said...

i can't believe how she is changing. i haven't been online in a good bit. she is such a little doll. let her have at the gifts, her special touch. so what if she opens them all. go for it.