December 3

It's hump day already... the days keep flying by, don't they? In three short weeks, we will all be sitting around our Christmas trees celebrating Jesus' birthday. And Daphne will be 10 months old! Wow...

Daphne has a new game. She loves when you crawl on all fours and chase after her. Every five feet or so, she stops crawling to look back and is overcome with giggles. Here are some photos of our little chase:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


mom said...

I love her big BLUE eyes! I wish I could play that game with her. give her a hug for me.

Anonymous said...

dave she is so beautiful i know you all are having a ball w/her. i just would love to squeeze her. she is so dainty. i can't wait to hear about the Christmas tree w/ daphne. YOU going to put a gate around it. we did ours w/ the boys, and they climbed over it any way. just use all plastic ornaments, nothing breakable. kick back and have a blast w/her. again, your little angel, is adorable,,no question about that. lisa