December 28

Happy Birthday to my father!

While Daphne's gibberish is beginning to sound like real words, it is still incoherent. She now points around the room and randomly says, "Inga", "Ferdinand", "Abba", and "Hungee". We believe she might have some invisible Scandinavian friends or just a poor grasp on the English vocabulary. hehehe

Daphne's Teeth Progression: Her first tooth arrived on Tuesday, December 23rd. If you are looking at Daphne, it is her upper right front tooth. Her second tooth erupted the very next day. It is her upper left front tooth. And today, her third tooth arrived. It is the tooth adjacent to her upper right front tooth. Her bottom gum line is swollen and should pop some baby "toothies" any day now...

I have been weeding through tons of video I shot on Christmas day. I hope to have some new YouTube videos posted in a few days.

Enjoy the last few days of 2008!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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