September 11

Daphne enjoyed another busy, fun-filled week with zoo class on Wednesday and library story day on Friday. She is such a little sponge right now -- she mimics us and loves to constantly learn new words and phrases! We are trying to expose her to as many educational activities as we possibly can.

Tonight Jennie, her parents, Daphne, and I attended the opening of the Tennessee State Fair. We ate tasty carnival food (high calorie, unhealthy morsels), watched a local band perform a few songs while Daphne danced (she's got great rhythm!), and walked a lot (hey, we needed to burn off that food we ate). Daphne's facial expressions were priceless as she toured the exhibits with cows, goats, pigs, bunnies, et al. She is such an animal lover...

Well, our house is still for sale and we have not had any serious offers to this point. Maybe this upcoming week will be magical and the perfect buyer will appear?

New photos of Daphne will be posted soon.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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